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Piano Keys

My name is Heidi Martin. Welcome to my page.

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I am a musician and vocalist and have played several musical instruments for most of my life.  I have always had a love for singing and playing music and a passion for teaching it to children.  I began teaching private piano lessons from my home over 30 years ago and have successfully helped hundreds of children over the years to gain the same love that I have for music and to be able to successfully play and enjoy the piano.  I have held piano recitals semiannually for my students and families. I have taught ten years of music preschool classes where I developed my own curriculum where each class was filled with fun and joy and music and movement. Many of my music preschool students loved the class so much, they became my piano students when they were old enough. I began substitute teaching for Cherry Creek Schools in January of 2022, and many of the music teachers now request me by name to cover their music classes when they are away.   I was recently selected to be the long-term music sub at Greenwood Elementary from April until the end of the school year, and I can't wait!  My dream job is teaching elementary music classes.  It combines the two things I am best at and love most: music, and teaching it to children.     

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January 1992 - present

Private Piano Teacher

Owner - I teach piano lessons to students of all ages and skill levels.  I have used strong people skills and musical education and ability in order to teach hundreds of students to master playing the piano. 

  • Taught private piano lessons to hundreds of students

  • Bookkeeping

  • Taxes

  • Arranged and executed piano recitals semiannually

Music Preschool Teacher

  • Taught fun and interactive music preschool classes from my home for10 years

  • Developed and taught my own creative and engaging curriculum

  • Excellent classroom control 

September 2011 - present

Princess Parties by Heidi
(event planning)

I've owned my own business where I have hired, trained, and overseen well over two hundred employees.  My company has executed thousands of successful parties over the last twelve years.  We have worked with Make a Wish Foundation, ABC news, Fox news, and have been featured in the Washington Post Newspaper as well as Parenting magazine.  I have excellent verbal, computer, creative, people, and sales skills that have helped me create an extremely successful business that has brought joy to thousands of people.    

  • Taxes

  • Hiring

  • Creative design

  • Website upkeep

  • Bookkeeping

  • Training

  • Customer service

  • Sales

  • Advertising 


Brigham Young University Idaho

  • B.S. in Marriage and Family Studies 

  • Minor in Music with over 30 years of childhood music education

Certified Family Life Educator

I am a certified family life educator in teaching:

1. Parenting the love and logic way 

2. The seven principles for making marriage work

My philosophy on childhood music education

I believe an elementary music teacher should bring light and laughter and fun as they are teaching children music.  Elementary music should be hands on and engaging and full of movement, playing instruments, singing, and learning about music at an age-appropriate level.  My goal is to help children develop an interest in and love for music education by experiencing the joy that music can bring.  I bring years of ideas and experience and energy and learned patience with me.  My hope is to make music integrated arts the

“looked forward to” time of their day.


The value of incorporating an excellent music program into a child's education cannot be understated. There is a heap of incontestable research showing that an education rich in music improves students' cognitive function and academic performance, and my goal is to provide the best music program your elementary school has ever seen.

As An Elementary Music Teacher I am:




Patient, patient, patient




Hard Working


Someone who cares deeply about my students

and their success and happiness

In addition, I also:


Ask questions

Smile, smile, smile

Have flexible expectations

Get results


  • Help kiddos learn to LOVE music

  • Teach basic music theory at age appropriate levels

  • Introduce music concepts using visual aids, movement, and singing

  • Explore the concept of steady beat, melody, and rhythm by participating in a variety of activities, including singing games, and activities involving dance and movement.

  • Develop sensitive and critical listening skills

  • Create and perform beautiful music

  • Inspire creativity and imagination

  • Encourage critical thinking, self-discipline, problem-solving

  • Learn to have FUN with music!

Wooden Piano

Letters of Recommendation

"Music gives a soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination and life to everything."

- Plato


Heidi Martin
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